JOB-centrum Ostrava, s.r.o. is a company with a tradition from march 1990 when it was established by students of Economic faculty of University of mining and metalurgy - Technical University Ostrava as a civil association for its schoolmates. The company transformed into business subject in 1996.

All time the company provides service of temporary help when provides students of high schools and universities of the region largely for manual work to companies and institutions in Ostrava region. Numbers of workers are operativly increased and decreased according to needs of business partners, in case they are ill or unsatisfying in performance they are replaced by others. All of them are trained according to regulations valid in CR. They are engaged in accord of valid law and relevant charges are delivered to the state. A business partner pays a price dealt in an invoice.

JOB-centrum Ostrava, s.r.o. also offers in the region leasing of workers straightly from single customers, which enables them fluently direct numbers of workers needy for their activity. The principle is similar to deliveries however it is the partner who straightly chooses and intakes workers. That is why the service is provided for lower price.

The both mentioned areas are the main intention of the company and thank to them their partners reach significant financial savings in the area of human resources. Invoices with partners are concluded during the whole year and fulfilled on a base of the partner interest and the straight phone order. JOB-centrum Ostrava, s.r.o. is also a holder of a licence for activity performance of work agency from Ministry of work and social matters in the Czech Republic. They work with a view to new graduates of universities and expert work of students at studies.

Companies of similar name and activities like ours work separatly in all biger towns in CR, Studensky servis is our partner organization in Slovakia with branches in the whole Slovakia.

Kontakt :
JOB-centrum Ostrava, s.r.o.
koleje VŠB-TUO, budova A, 3. patro, Studentská 1770/1, Ostrava Poruba, 700 32
Tel.: +420 596 914 178
Fax: +420 596 911 856 , Mobil: +420 603 451 105
Workdays 8 - 16 hours , E-mail: info@jobcentrum.cz
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